Published September 6th, 2016 by David Tyree

There’s no better day than today to get something done. Most people don’t know that I am the father of seven vibrant, beautiful, healthy children. Before I get off on a tangent about how we got seven children or what kind of vehicle I drive, or whether all of my children are with the same woman…let me tell you why I make mention of my children today.

When I mention to people in conversation that I am a father of seven children, the reactions are all across the board. I will discuss the wide range another time. One of the most common responses we get in sincerity is “How do you guys do it? I’m going crazy with my ________ children". To add some extra special sauce to the conversation, I share with them that we currently homeschool five out of the seven children (Really my wife does, but I'm the superintendent). Now the amazement comes into play. You will very likely be underwhelmed with the answer to “how we do it?”

We are able to get this done among many other things in life simply because we are committed to it. I have acknowledged this truth on the basis of experience and observation. Commitment overcomes adversity which life guarantees us all. Commitment overcomes the emotional roller coasters which cause queasiness and instability. The committed soul has an expectation they expect to see realized & on that premise alone they will not relent and are willing to make necessary changes in life to secure and honor their commitments. They have the faith to press beyond the resistance. They are committed to the process therefore drawing back is not an option.

Your greatest accomplishments in life have arrived because you were committed to the process.

The beauty of commitment is that it has its roots in a decision or a choice which gives us the ability to determine a large part of the outcome. When you are considering a new opportunity or a challenge that is before you, don't simply shrink back as you gather the facts that could prevent your ideal outcome. Acknowledge your past victories in life. The likely common denominator is you were committed to the success of that particular thing or person until you weren't anymore or the full expectation was met. You can win through commitment!

The glory of my family is firmly rooted to honoring my commitments. First my commitment to Jesus. My commitment to excelling in my sphere of responsibility where my wife and children safely reside. I am committed to their highest welfare and because of that I can't lose!